Coil cover protectors (Really needed)

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Gotta ask the basic question. Are coil cover really worth what they do? Or is it just unnecessary money to invest on a 14" coil...14" do seem heavier than most bringing more weight and surface area to get scratched up. Guido

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Hi Guido,

If you are hunting in an area where other detectors have been, most of the easy ones are probrably gone.

You will want to keep your coil down in the dirt, to maximize your depth.

If you dont have your coil down in the dirt, you are missing gold....

I have burned through almost a dozen covers on my favorite 16" coil at 20 bucks a pop, and I feel it was money well spent.

Dont chance ruining your coil without one.

Just my thoughts. B)


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junker, Try using some clear vinyl caulking on the center holes. If you remove your cover later, it's easier to peal off and clean than the silicon is. Anyway that's what I've used and I'm real happy with it.

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  • Admin

Hey Guido,

I would say use a coil cover unless you're hunting in sand. Coil covers are very cheap compared to replacing a warn through searchcoil. Most of all the major metal detector manufactures have searchcoil covers on their searchcoils when you purchase them.

Hope this helps,

Rob Allison

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