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When you find a nugget patch what is the width of the patch itself? (Not between nuggets)

Are the nuggets at the outer ends of the patch found at a deeper depth?

Can you tell what the erosion of the soil is and that’s why some are shallow and others are deeper?

I’m looking for some sort of pattern here. I’m thinking there should be some constants.

If you find a pocket and you dig a hole 2 feet in any direction would you not find any gold? Or would you find less and less the further you get away from the pocket.

I do understand that there are a lot of different variables.

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Hey Offroaddriver,

Patches can come in all shapes and sizes, some with all small gold, some with all big gold, or some with all kinds of sizes of gold. The patches I have found ranged from a few nuggets (many of them) to hundreds of gold nuggets in an area. Most of my best patches have been pretty small in size, maybe a couple hundred feet square. Other places I have found nuggets scattered over miles of country, so I'm not sure if you call that one huge patch or not.

Depth of the nuggets pretty much depends on the depth of the material or gravel. I've found patches that are mostly exposed bedrock, so all the nuggets were pretty close to the surface (a few inches). Other patches I've found the gold as deep as a detector will detect.

Just in general, patches can be pretty much any sizes depending on the source of where they can from and the terrain of the area. I've found them on top of hills, in saddles, side hills, benches and many in the washes or small tributaries.

Hope this helps a bit,

Rob Allison

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