Minelab Price Questions?

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Hello All,

Several people have contacted me and mentioned there are ad in various gold prospecting magazines with different prices on the Minelab PI's. This is what I know about the prices as of today. The Minelab GPX-4000 has dropped down to $3,998.97 for a short time or until they run out of them. This is a smoking price on the GPX-4000.

The GPX-4500 is still $4,998.97, but some people are selling them for as high as $5995.00, which is actually the retail price of the unit.

Here is a price list for the Minelab gold detectors -

GPX-4500 - $4,998.97

GPX-4000 - $3,998.97

SD2200v2 - $2,498.97

SD2100v2 - $1,995.97

Eureka Gold - $998.97

X-Terra 70 - $698.97 or $848.94 with the Pro-Pack (includes a 10-inch coil and carry bag)

Right now I'm currently running a special on any GPX-4000 or GPX-4500. With a purchase of one of these units you will get a FREE Coiltek Lightweight Mono Goldstalker Searchcoil (your choice of size) up until the end of the year. You can view the GPX-4500 special on top of the forum for a list of all items.

All other metal detectors (besides the GPX) series also have small bundle packages that will include an extended warranty (2-year), UPS shipping and full insurance, carry bag, field instuctions and more.

Hope this helps,

Rob Allison

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