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Thanks for the info.I guess this is another way to get money out of more people.You know this means that you want see anymore UFO's in AZ. because no title are vin number on their craft and like the Fed's they print their own money and it has no value either.

I guess from now I'll just leave foot prints in the sand.

Chuck Anders

PS Bull is cheap so you can shoot all you want.

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Hello Bob and all...Thanks for the Info...Because I live in Nevada...I am wondering what the Outcome of this will be for me? and others like me...I run a Non Street Legal Status on my Quad with No Plates or Registration...It will for sure be alot of walking for me if Arizona says I can't ride it there...I might have to resort to my full size 4X4 for gettin out...I looked and can't find the Answer in the Info..Thanks for the post Bob :unsure: jet521

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Welcome to California.

Greatings earthlings! This topic was brought up on 49er mikes forum. Check it out. OHV moneys used to close roads to the public. Sorry for the bad news! Look at the post by killerkernrich with the picture. This issue angers me becouse I just bought an ARGO 8x8 for prospecting because of my disabilities. Now have a hard time finding areas to use it. SUCKS!

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