The 29 Prospector is alive

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I want to thank everyone here on Rob's site for their prayers and good thoughts. I'm healing fast according to the doctor, but for me its to slow. I'm going out for 5-7 days in April and hope to find a nice run of gold with the drywasher. I'll keep you all posted.


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Hey Bob

It's good to hear you will be out and about soon.I know myself that when your marking off the days one at a time it seems forever.

I'd been collecting money up for flowers but now you going to make it well I said you and I could use it to go prospecting.You just won't believe this but now they are wanting their money back. :rolleyes:

You take care friend and maybe someday I'll have the pleasure of meeting you.

Chuck Anders

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Thanks everyone.

Chris, I too am looking forward to chatting with you at Primn.

Slim Farris, I must say that the short-timers calendar seems longer than normal. I truly am looking forward to spending a few days in the peace and quit of the Dale Valley.

Dakota Slim, It was a true pleasure meeting you and gabbing while we were teaching. A newbie's delite, he found that small little chunk.

Ridge Runner, I'll start saving pennies so we can meet up and do some prospecting.


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