Rob... jim Straight here.... I hope this is okay

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Rob... I know you are busy with all of the activities you are involved in...

and Riley could keep you busy 7/24/52.

Today I mailed the package... Medial mail... 10 copies to your home.

Advanced Prospecting & Detecting for Hardrock Gold... and associated

eluvial and alluvial placers with tips on "how to" nuggetshoot them with

either a VLF or PI detector...

The booklet is now comb bound. Quality paper. The cover is full color.

It is well illustrated as included within the 120 pages is over 20 illustrations,

many are in color.

My primary goal over the past 27 years has been to keep the cost down

so all can afford a copy of my books. This goal I have achieved as the

booklet sells for $12.45.

As a geologist... actually a geological engineer... Mackay School of

Mines University of Nevada 1954, I have been involved for well over

50 years in the many facets of both underground mining, not only

as a consultant but as a miner... Over the years. I have used a "stoper"

to drive a raise... and a "jackleg" on the face... I have been in wet mines.

I know the angers of dead-air drifts. The dangers of being "slabbed" or


When underground mining began to decline I went into milling... I

worked in the crusher at McGill and also on the flotation floor... Then

to Eagle Picher in Lovelock... then Kaiser Steel in Fontana... Then

as a soil technican/engineer for soil labs....

In 1968 I became, of all things, an industrial arts teacher in the Fontana

School District.... In 1969 I began my moonlighting career.... I taught

"prospecting" and "rocks and minerals" even autoshop; all evening classes

in adult education in the Fontana and Rialto school districts... I even reached

out and taught extension classes for the University of Californa on their

Riverside campus....

I write all of this not to brag... but to explain the 2009 Edition of which consists

of information that has taken me over 70 years to learn... And the small amount

of what I still remember...

The text, while small is readable. The table of content is orderly... However, as a card

carrying geologist, you will find I have spent time on the igneous rock chart and the

classification of rocks, mainly the saturated volcanics such as the Trachyte,

Andesite, and Basalt... Also the basic types of gold placers, both eluvial and

alluvial placers... Also the three basic types of ore deposits... epithermal, hypothermal

and mesothermal... The charactristics of gold....

To keep the price at $12.45... with 120 pages and some in expensive color; I'm

not spending the money in revisions and other stuff that will raise costs....Also,

my small "profit" per booklet is actually in the pennies...

So there are typos. Within the pages is jammed considerable information and knowledge.

Rob will have a few copies soon... The booklet is not for profit or glory... I write as a teacher,

an educator... because I feel the need to try to pass on to others what others have taught

me over the years.... Rob understands... Actually I'm just a happy "pit-stop."

Jim Straight "dutch john" and "tailgate"

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Jim, you are soooo! Right, I thank you for the signed copy you sent me, just a great addition to your other books I already have. As time goes by, we all forget, its nice that you, take the time to write you memories and your knowledge down so we can all benefit from what you have learned over the years the hard way. Thank you so much for taking your time to put it all on paper so we can all learn. Your friend Grubstake

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As a geologist and prospector, I have enjoyed readying and studying all of your books. An excellent information source for any level of prospector. I always have what I call a field set with me whenever I am prospecting. Thank you so very much for you dedication and contributions to geology, mining and prospecting. As prospectors, we are all in debt to you.


Karl Baltz

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I read every post that you make and have every book and booklet you have written. Your shared knowledge has helped many people including myself. I look forward to reading my copy of the new booklet.


Please put me on the list for one of the new books. Thanks.



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Jim: great copy and story! I have one of those paperweights cast in the form of an iron pig, stating it was the first pig cast at Fontana. I had a mess of guys that later became my uncles that were (at various times) miners in Eldorado Canyon, 3 Kids mine in Henderson, worked for basic magnesium in Henderson, graded the original roads in Boulder City, and were very adept at bootlegging as well. My dad worked on Boulder Dam, going from a highscaler, to pennstocks, and later, custom pipework inside the dam, including stainless steel handrails, oil and turbine gallery pipe work, and others. Some of my uncles worked in the iron ore pit mine near Kelso.

I always thought mining and logging were glamorous jobs until I actually worked in the field. My exploits in logging were like the greenhorn on Ax Men, as a choker setter, highlead/yarder. A lot of work and real dangerous. I left that to go onto mining with a stoper and jackleg, once on a jumbo, and know all too well what being slabbed is all about (not me, but guys I worked with). I came pretty close to meeting my maker a few times underground, but for a fluke of 'luck'.

I enjoy your books and study guides. keep up the good work and stay vertical!

Charlie in Las Vegas

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Gosh... Jim Straight here... As you know Rob has been selling my

book and booklets for years... He carries the Nuggetshooter's Bible

Vol 3, 7th edition and also has a special on my booklets....

Rob advertises them in the sub-forum "Whats New? New Products and

Acessories Available." His prices are great... He got them with a special

discount from Plateau Co as Rob is a distributor and buys in quantities.

I sent Rob some copies of the January 2009 Edition of "ADVANCED..."

I have also made some revisions in "Magnificent Quest." But as I write

this it is still at the printers...

My goal is to keep my booklets as inexpensive as I can... Rather than

one expensive book... To advertise in one of the trade magazines is expensive.

I'm strictly freelance and do not have a base... Being freelance is a

tough way to go... To self publish is chancy... My choice... However, my

small booklet business is now in it's 27th year... I no longer publish

the big book, Vol 3, Seventh Edition... Plateau publishes it and Rob is one

of the dealers who buys it from Plateau.

I thank all of you who have posted such positive thoughts and added

information for all of us to read and learn from each other... So everyone

keep the bits and pieces of information coming...

Charlie... you know about a stoper, jackleg and a jumbo... likely you have carried

a self-rescuer on your belt; and glad that you never needed it... or did you? It would

be neat if you would give us some information... as I feel you have adventures to

tell us...

Karl... as a geologist and a prospector... Can you give us a little of your knowledge?...

Everyone has a story to tell... also to write on paper and send it off for publication.

This goes for all of the rest of you... Please keep the posts coming... I have enjoyed

Uncle Ron, and Grubstake has had several articles published in the ICMJ....

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Karl... Great... I'm glad to learn you have been to Moore Creek and that Rob gave you a set

of my booklets... I'm going on 80 and while I'm doing well, I have learned not to stress, so I'm

reluctant to get away too far from the rocking chair... However back in 1991 I was on the south

slope of the Brooks Range doing some detecting and visiting around...

I sent Rob 10 of the latest January 2009 editions of "ADVANCED..." So if you wish get a copy

through him...

Chuck Anders contacted me you were looking for a photo of Weaver... Other than what may be

in the book "Rich Hill" and the "Octave Gold Mine" I'm at a loss to help...

Rob has been great to me over the years!... where would I be if it were not for his friendship?

Lucky I am!!! Thanks--- Jim Straight

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