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Anyone who uses a large coil knows the hassles of locating a small target.

I was just looking over the Detector pro pistol probe and in an advertisement it stated that it will locate a 3 grain nugget.

It uses pulse induction and from what I seen on a video could locate a coin 8" away.

Any thought on how they would work for nugget hunting to locate the target after you dug your hole?

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I have been using one for several months now. It has increased my recovery time and I don't have to dig such a big hole. If you are using a PI machine it will not work as well unless you shut your machine down. Both the probe and the PI will cross talk. I use a 4000 and just shut it off when I am using the probe. If you are looking for a tiney piece in a hand full of dust it will find it but you have to get rite on it but you will find it. Hope this helps.


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  • Admin

Hey Curley,

The price on the DetectorPro Pistol Probe is $189.00 US. I would have to know your complete shipping address and zip to get an accurate shipping cost. You can PM me through the forum if you want to leave your shipping information.

I always have these probes in stock and they rock!!!

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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Hey Rob. Im in the market for one of these. Can you pm me a price including postage to NSW Australia?

That would be great.



Hey Curley, I am interested in one also. Maybe we could save a bit of freight to OZ if we had them sent together and I paid you to post mine up to me in Queensland. I can pay Rob separately for my half by credit card. PM me if you are interested.

All the best, Frank

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