Should I try to return this ring again, Part III

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If you've been following my lost ring story, you know that I've been trying to return a gold high school class ring that I found in a public park.

After failing with an initial Classmates search, I'm kicking the process into high gear.

In my latest podcast, I outline the steps I've taken to try to find the mysterious young lady (well, she was young when she lost the ring) to give her back her ring.

This program is short (under three minutes), but full of ideas and information that might come in handy for you if you ever find a ring you want to return.

Listen to it here:

Just click the pink button and the show will play on your computer speakers.

---Dan Hughes,

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Over the last 44 years I've returned alot of rings.Some have offered a reward for returning it, but I wouldn't take it and others didn't even say thanks.

My Father- in- law found a wedding set of rings that they were still paying on that cost over three thousand and gave them back to the mother where they had lost them.O'h the mother took his name and address but never heard a word from them.

I've got three rings that right now that I'm want to find the owners.You got to try to do it because it's the right thing to do with are without a reward.

Chuck Anders

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