My New Xterra 705

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Hi guys I bought a 705 from Rob. Just wondering if any one else has one. Found several bullets

and some kind of rock not sure exactly what it is but I think it has a lot of iron content. The detector

went crazy over the spot I dug this rock from and it still screams over the spot I marked the spot with my gps and plan on digging more in that area it is in a dry creek bed on some friends land that I suspect has gold on it due to the white quartz the area is embedded with and offerings by others to purchase mineral rights from him.

Anyone that wants to talk about detecting and prospecting please give me a call. 980-581-0654 I am in central North Carolina.

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I'd never beable to walk away from a hole that my detector was still sounding off.I have a friend that is heading up your way right now.He wanted to see what the eastern states had to offer in the way of gold.I know he has a highbanker but only a coin detector with him.

If it's okay I'll have him give you a call if you like.He's part Indian and all Okie and the Okie stands out more than the first. :rolleyes:

Best of luck with your new 705.

Chuck Anders

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