Does anyone know when the SD2200VS are going to

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1) Are they still going to be sold new for about $1,795 ?? (If so, yes that is a very good deal as I sold my green box second-hand SD2200 for alot more at about $1,000 more than that).

I use to own an SD2200 and yes it was a great machine and I loved it.

2) Are the SD2200v2 and the GP3000 identicle in every way and the exact same machines, "except" for only one feature being DVT(Dual Voltage Technology) on the later one ??

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Hello Goldstonehigh,

Yes, the price is still $1,798.95 for the SD2200v's and I include a few free accessories and shipping/insurance if you purchase from me. Yep, it's a great price for a good Minelab PI and you can do a bunch of things to the SD's to increase performance even more.

Not sure what you mean about the SD2200v2 and the GP3000 being the same unit ... :unsure: The GP3000 is the second GP series detector following the GP Extreme. The GP3000 detector was released in April 2003 and is no longer in production. The GP 3000 was a gold detector utilising Pulse Induction, MPS and DVT technologies. In my opinion, the GP3000 is a much better detector when it comes to finding smaller gold, smaller gold at depth and more user control.

Hope this helps a bit,

Rob Allison

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