Gov. signs ammunition sales bill (Kalifornia)

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Just means that detecting trips out of state will serve a duel purpose. Grubstake


Great comment ! I honestly think those who thought up this stupid bill and the jerk who signed it into law didn't even think about that. Wait till the sale of ammunition goes WAY down.


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I have relivtives in OKALAHOMA, Texas, Nev. and AZ. I go detecting in AZ. and NV. sometimes, soooo! You know whats going to happen, My son-in-law is staioned at FT. Bliss Tex. and is coming out for Christmas, he's bringing me 5 case's of MRE's for Christmas, Grubstake PS the law won't take effect until FEB. 2011 so buy up all you can find now. That gives us a year and 4 months to stck up. Grubstake

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The Governator will soon realize how bad he screwed up, when he sees that his tax revenue on ammunition has all but totally dried up.

I'm sure his response was worded to express his true feelings, however he didn't take into consideration how they could apply in a future autonomous gun control bill - His administration will not last forever, therefore his interpretation of the law he signed will not last beyond his administration.

Not to worry, for it will be challenged by the guardians of our rights, of whom, need our support. Obviously, I am soliciting for the PLP, the NRA, and their affiliates. It takes money to finance the voice of the people, the same as it takes to power the voice of special interests that are against our interests. So, now you have a chance to voice your opinions and influence your Representatives in Congress.


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Around a dozen gang-plagued cities in California have enacted similar local ordinances, geared to keep gang members from buying ammunition or tracking them down when they do.

Well, it's just another useless gunlaw that means nothing to law breakers and it looks like the gang bangers will pull extra duty breaking into homes/shops so they can steal ammo just as they steal the guns they have. I feel sorry for all that live in Commiefornia

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