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Im looking for recomendations on detecting/digging tools that work and are durable.

So far im just using a estwing small rock pick and plastic trowel from hardware store. Im trying to atleast get the gear squared around to speed recovery. I just fitted the hammer end of the pick with a 1" x1" Rare earth magnet to help with the nails. After seeing a few digging videos seem like id be better off with a pick with a wide ends for scraping away a layer at a time. I cant afford $100 for a pick right now, so a lesser alternative would be appreciated. Also are you guys using the treasure scoops or just by hand, my trowel wasnt handling the scooping to well. Think i might also add a rake and or hoe to my detecting gear also and then bring along shovel sledge full pick and a few wedges and chisels. thanks Using goldmaster 4b, and havent found a spec yet.

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Hello Robbor,

Sounds like you have the general idea of what you need. I would suggest, a good wide end prospecting pick, neo-dym super magnet and a plastic nugget/treasure scoop. I have all these items and you could probably get them all with shipping for under a $100 from me. Good prospecting picks run from about $50 - $80 depending on the size and shape.

I would also recommend a hammer type holder for your pick.

Give me a call anytime if you want to chat about gold or accessories. You can probably get by with what you have for starting out.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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Robbor, did you get your pickhead?

Ya sorry im a little slow. Yes i got it, i was expecting a rusty make shift head that had been sitting around for a while.

I was very impressed, clean edges and a factory bevel. Really nice thank you. Envelope headed your way. Been busy, ill send ya an email when i get some more time. Really probably the nicest gift iver ever gotten and actually wanted, lol. rob

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