How to tell you're getting older

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This is kind of a stupid post, but what the heck, its pretty slow in here right now...

I haven't been out on a hunt in over six months.

Lots of reasons for it, but basically just too dang busy.

Rob and all you other fathers out there know what having kids does for free time.

And of course there's other stuff.

I woke up the other night with a question running around my head;

It's been so long, I had been thinking to myself,

I can't even remember what the best tuning procedure for the 4500 is.

I lay there for a few minutes trying to remember.

Parts of how I used to do it floated bye in my memory but I wasn't sure.

I tossed around for a few more minutes, got up, padded downstairs and turned on the computer.

I tapped in a Google search..."best tuning procedure for GPX 4500" and hit the return button.

The first topic that popped up was entitled: "GPX start-up and tuning procedure - Nuggethunting Forums"

There, from 2007, was a post of mine asking the exact same question,

with a number of informative and helpful replies from our generous group.

I had to laugh. Everything I needed to refresh my memory was there.

Thanks again everybody.


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Glad to see you are out and about on the forums.

I am feeling pretty good these days, wonder what's

Hi Lucky,

I do have a settings 'cheat sheet' that I carry around with me

but the tuning procedure never made the list.

And honestly, now that I'm fully awake I pretty much remember.

Good addition: I read yesterday that Montana auto tunes twice, the second on a few feet away from

the first one, in case he was over a hot rock or

All the best,


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You know what is funny about being an old fart?



Also it's exactly like being a younger fart, which I used to be,

it is just more time on the planet...that is the only difference I can really see.

My comment about the kids taking up huge amounts of time while it is true,

I would never want it any other way, there is nothing better than having kids to me.

All the best,


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Things ache and hurt on your body that you didn't even know existed..Everything gets stiff but your whose it's whats it..your keys are missing,but so are the glasses,how can you find anyything..There in line at the bank is a fellow you worked with for 25 years,no he died three years ago(wha).Two beers and your out like a light...No one says,that's just baby fat...The hair in your ears and nose grow faster than on your have more pill bottles than a privy digger and they cost as much over a year as your beeper.You have a Japanese vehicle,even though in the 1980's you proclaimed,I only buy remember 19cent hamburgers,which can't buy half a stamp anyway...real coke from a fountain,not up your nose,and crack was the fatboy bending over.......

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Everbody here sound like old farts! But, can you imagine an old fart with narcolepsy? Have no fear though, I still know what I'm supposed to do when I'm standing in front of a toilet...

The big rub comes in when I'm communicating in a forum environment. Again if you can imagine, Gad Zoo ks! whats going on here?, as I come back into consciousness.

It's really a pain in the arse!

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Most of you guys are not dry behind the ears yet, wish I could say that. Now myself, I'm a bonafied old fart, old as dirt. At my age I love every day of life,

actually every minute.

I can relate to Az. Nug. Bob, on the DVD's. I can watch the same one three times and still can't remember how it ends :blush:

I agree with Flak on the first part of his post. Ain't nothing funny about being an old fart. :angry: Just can't agree on the second part of it, as I see a big difference between a young fart and an old fart.

As a young fart I thought that I knew all there was to know and had all the answers for everything. :rolleyes:

Well one day a fairly large problem arose with a particular part of my anatomy, alarmed, I did a quick but thorough examination of myself, and of course knowing all that there was to know, I came to the conclusion that I was starting to die in sections and that Rigor Mortis had set in. :blink::unsure:

Well after a number of years and many experimentations and trial & errors, I found the perfect antidote for that problem and it has given me 48 years of relief. Its called marriage, or is it.............mirage.........., anyway it works for me :lol:

So in retrospect, I didn't know jack squat about anything and had the answers to nothing.

Now as an old fart I know the answers and solutions to all those problems that I had.

Now don't that make me Soooooooo much smarter, as an old fart. :o:D:lol:;)

Bob T.

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Hi Bob,

I like your comments about marriage.

I hear so many people joke about their wives or their marriage

but for me being married has been the best part of my life, it has changed everything for the better.

It has not been easy, far from it, my wife is not a push-over,

but we usually find we arrive at the best solutions to a problem by being so different.

Having kids has been equally - maybe even more - amazing,

but would require an entire thread of it's own.


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