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You know the sale that Rob has on the Goldstalker coils is about over with at the end of the month.

This is my thinking on this.If you need a big coil like the 16 inch and somebody else needs the small 6 inch coil are it may be the other way around.The best for both is to pool your money and make a great buy even better.

The price for both is 410.

My thinking is 300. for the 16 inch and 110 for the 6 inch coil.I know like always shipping has to be paid but you can work that out.

I myself would like the 16 inch but I have a damage shoulder and it hunts to swing one that big.

I've said all I'm going to say so I'll sit down now.

Chuck Anders

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Guest sandtrap

I can attest to that . I have recently had major shoulder surgery,and am now using the "Hipstick" with the large coils, with swinging no problem at all to my shoulder..

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Chuck I have had rotator cuff surgery and have arthritis in my shoulders and back to the point I live on vicodin, however, I am using the 12 x 18 goldstalker with a bungy cord on my 4500 and was not sore from it after two days of detecting. I did have some pain from digging too much. The goldstalker is much lighter than other previous coils. I also clip my bungy cord on the opposite shoulder from the detector witch balances the weight of the detector on both shoulders. Jerry

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Here I was talking about helping you and You just have may help me at the same time.I've got to go back and look at the Hip Stick Video that El Dorado posted for me.

Thanks Guys!

Chuck Anders

PS How I got my bad shoulder was man is not made to fly so when I crash my plane I got a steel ball in my left shoulder plus nerve damage that cause trouble in my right one also. :wacko:

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