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Went to look at a never used goldmaster 3 yesterday for $200. Girl walked out of the bedrood with shiney new detector with goldmax DD coil on it and stock coil in the other hand both with covers and manual. Needless to say it followed me home. Had a heart stopping moment though unit would not make a sound thought it was broken until i realized still had the 1/4 jack adapter in the socket. Any tips on using this unit? And i need to rig a harness as the GB is in a horrible location.

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That's a great deal! Download the manual from White's website and learn to ground balance it. Be prepared for a learning curve and many false signals. Its an extremely sensitive machine and will even give a signal from the salts in your body so get a scoop. Once you figure it out its a great machine. Picks up real small stuff. It's no minelab, but will get the job done if you're in a good area.

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Ya she was cute n blond, but here boyfriend/husband was there and looked almost like a biker, lol. She was asking 350, i offered her 200 in an email and she snached it up, my phone was ringing as soon as i hit send and it was the first day her ad was in CL. It was a deal and she never tried to renegotiate. And i have the manual. Wish i had a small DD shooter coil also, anyone have one for sale? Its so new the coil. cables have never been wrapped around the shaft. I need to get some velcro ties. I have a GM4b but doesnt have the salt mode, wanted and extra machine and the chest mount but i have not used my 4b in a few years and its not here. Was thinking the whole way to buy the GM3, that now i need another goldmax coil and low and behold there it was on the machine :).

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Hello Robbor,

The Jimmy Sierra 14-inch elliptical is a great coil if you have that one. I think Uncle Ron on this forum has used the little 6-inch Gold-Shooter coil.

Congrats on getting a great deal on a GM3. Heck, I sold mine at the goldshow for I think $350 and it only had the stock coil.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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