Need advise. Which detector? Detector vs. panning & sluce box?

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Hello all

I am new here, and this is my first post. I live 3 blocks up from the beach in Central California so my wife and I are both addicted to beach detecting. We want to expand into trying Gold prospecting / detecting and I would love to hear some of your expert opinions and advice on prospecting. We just joined the GPAA, and we are educating ourselves by watching, (and laughing at), Gold Fever on the outdoor channel. My Questions:

1. Should you just pan and sluce box for gold, or is it really worth trying to detect nuggets? Which will bring more profit vs. the equipment cost ratio? (Panning / sluce box Vs. metal detecting finds).

2. We are using Minelab’s Excalibur & Sovereign GT on the beach, but we also have a Whites MXT. We were thinking of using the MXT and the GT (Which has the 180 meter) to prospect for nuggets. Is that a waste of time, or worth trying?

3. Are any of the VLF Gold detectors worth buying? I was thinking of buying the Fisher Gold Bug 2, (used), or the brand new “Gold bug†that fisher just came out with, (that has NO reviews yet). Are they worth the cost, or should I just buy a used Minelab GP 3000 or something. Will the added finds justify the huge added cost? (VLF Vs. Minlab GP / SD?)

Thank you all so much for your valued opinions.

BeachNut & wife, Going inland---- :rolleyes:

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You could use the MXT for nugget hunting for now to see if that's for you.There is lots of people that use the MXT and have good luck with it.Like another guy ask how long did it take to find the first nugget.So go and find your first nugget and if you get the fever then go buy you a good gold detector and use the MXT for a backup.

Chuck Anders

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Good advice Chuck. Nugget hunting is much harder than beach hunting with many fewer real finds. If you go a few times and like nugget hunting you can look for a used Minelab SD or 3000 for about $1000-1500 OR think about swapping your excalibur for an infinium which is good for nuggets as well as underwater. Not many people are happy for long nugget hunting with a vlf. I have tried the Lobo and GB2 but they didn't come close to the SD2100 performance wise. I don't know if you go into the water... if not all the PI detectors are great in salty sand but waterproof. Good luck, Ken

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