Foggy & Chilly

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Yep, my favorite heavy coil for the thick grass is my 12x15 Commander. I wore out the skidplate and need to get a couple on order (Rob). That coil...I think you know what it is (9x14 Advantage)...kind of lite for what I needed today, but it got the job done.


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Hi rick

Nice nugget but if you can still dig in the ground it's not really chilly.

Here in Fairbanks today's temps -35 and dropping.

Sometimes I wonder why the hell I live here, then summer comes and I don't have time to remember

to move and I am here for another winter. Still would like to have you up this summer even if I don't

make it out this year.

good luck on your next trip and save one for me.

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Yep, Jeff & I hunted with Steve up in his area and the sun peaked out for 30 minutes, I thought I was in Heaven!

Fairbanks -35 degrees!!! MHLAK, I don't know how you do it, I'd get cabin fever so bad...well I can't imagine! Hang in there.


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I know why I don't live in Alaska anymore.....The weather.I lived in Anchorage for 22 of my 24 years in Alaska,with 1.5 years in Fairbanks I saw it get down to -55. When I tell people about the plug ins on the parking meters they think I'm kidding. I live in Arizona and am lovin life.I can detect 9-10 months a year in Stanton area. Or go up to the higher elevations for the other 3 months.Come on down!!!!


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