Google Chrome...the savior!

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Not sure what the issue is or the cure either, but I've been having major problems accessing this site since the change of format. Several forums that I frequent have changed to this same format and there too, I have either not been able to post or super slow loading. Also been having unbelievably slow access while on ebay too... I think it has something to do with my Javascript updates...

I've been using IE for years and in an attempt to resolve the issue, I did sweeps, bot checks and scans to no avail. Tried firefox with mixed success. My next plan was Opera or Chrome and I am glad I chose Chrome because it is the cat's meow. So far...Chrome proving to be fast, efficient and I can access again!

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Hi Bob! Looks like less of the white stuff up North this year... Most of the moisture ending up in CA and AZ. About Chrome, the more I use it, the more I'm liking it...glad you are have good success. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of IE, but easier to use than Firefox. Opera not bad either but so far, I'm liking Chrome the best.

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I was going to do that, I use IE-8, but I don't like all the add on's Google Crome has, I don't like Yahoo, and all that other crap. And it says in the agreement you have to take it. Grubstake + up memory, that I don't have.

I'm not sure what you saw but Google and Yahoo are competitors so don't think it will force you to load Yahoo...probably said that it will use Google as the default search engine. I use Google for searches most time anyway so not a problem for me. And actually, Chrome is a less memory intensive browser so if you have an old or limited memory machine, it's even better! Try it, I don't think you will regret it... If you are concerned, you might want to create a "restore point" before downloading. It's a good practice to create a restore point prior to doing anything or before installing anyway...

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