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Hi! Guys, I want to tell you that as soon as it is sent to me, next week, I will be doing a favor for a close friend of 50 years. My friend Jim Owens, has had some bad medical problems, first about 15 years ago he had cancer of the thyroid and it had to be removed, then he got diabeates, he used to detect with me all the time and him and my uncle were friends since the 1950's, in 1981 on the beach in Monterey he found a $5 gold coin from a private calif. mint an 1851 Shults and Company coin, there was only 12 known to exist, and his had a Mint flaw, it was auctioned in San Francisco for $48000.00. Anyway when I hit my Eldorado canyon place and found the gold nuggets, he was in on that hunt. he had bought a Gp Extreme. Well when the 3500's came out he sold it and bought a brandnew 3500 off of ROB, since that time he has only hunted for two times due to health reasons, we he fell and broke his leg right at the hip socket two years ago. The detector has just been sitting in the box. He's sending it to me this week and I will take pictures, it comes with all the stock stuff. And after I make sure everything is ok with it, I'll be posting it on the classefides on all the forums. Asking price will be $3500.00 or best offer but thats for a machine that only has a few hours on it. So keep watching next week. I'll post the pictures when I get it. Thanks Grubstake

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Well its not eatting anything, and is pretty much a brand new detector. I don't even think the skid plate got dirty. I the two times, about 4 hours total he used it. Before he broke his leg. Its just been sitting in the box in his closet. anyway. thats what he paid, its got two batteries, and I think two power cords. I'l know more when he ships it to me next week. I'll take pictures. It may have to go on Ebay, but I would like to see someone on the forums get it that want one. Or I might have a guy in town here that interested too. Grubstake I think his buying price he paid was 3499.95 So we will see.

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