A victory for our rights in the southeast.

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A little over 2 weeks ago a prospector in Ga. was doing a little highbanking in a WMA (Wildlife Management Area), he was approached by a DNR officer who proceeded to write him 2 tickets and also confiscated all of his equipment for evidence in case the prospector wanted to fight the tickets in court, the prospector had looked on the DNR website and found no rules or regulations forbidding prospecting in any of the WMAs of the state, when he asked the DNR officer what rules he had broken, the officer took a "Bass Pro" magazine (must be official DNR literature!! :blink::wacko: ) from his truck and show the prospector a section with "Rules and Regulations" that had nothing mentioning prospecting, when asked where the rules for prospecting were in that section, the officer stated that it came under "NO USE OF METAL DETECTOR OR COLLECTING OF ARTIFACTS".

The prospector wanted to get his equipment back so he was just going to pay the fines ($411) to do so and chalk it up to "you live and learn".

He posted his misfortune on a gold prospecting forum to warn others, the forum members started giving him advice and he decided to stand up for his rights, the outcome of this incident for him is great and now the DNR is going at least draft rules for prospecting and have them for all to see on their website.

This is not over yet as we are waiting to see where the DNR is going to take this concerning the "Rules and Regulations" for prospecting, most likely it will not be in our favor, but at least we will now know the rules as far as WMA in Georgia.

You can read about this incident, the advice given, the outcome for the prospector, and follow the outcome of the decision of the DNR on the rules for prospecting at this link, the thread is titled "BUSTED!!!!!".



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