CoilTek 8.5X11.5 brown coil?

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I'm thinking of buying a slightly used coil how do they compare with the CoilTek goldstalker coils or the new 14" CoilTek. I have been kind of waiting to get the info on the new 14" CoilTek, but this coil is for sale now. What would be a good price? I thinks it is called a Platypus mono water proof coil.


Keeper Swinging


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Hello ColoradoGoldMan,

Welcome to the forums. I'm just catching up with some of the older posts that I missed. The Coiltek Platypus is a very popular searchcoil, especially for people wanting to hunt in and around water. Most probably use it for gold nugget hunting, but this last weekend I seen a guy using one with a Minelab PI on Newport Beach, CA. Wasn't able to catch up with him, but he was scanning the shallow water line of the beach.

Brand new the Mono is $230, the DD Pro is $240. They can be used on all the Minelab PI's, ranging from the SD2000 up to the GPX-4500.

Hope this helps,

Rob Allison

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