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After watching a video on removing black sands I'm considering doing that when I go to drywash in august.

The video shows using a large mangnet and removing it prior to panning the dirt out. I wondering if any of you have done this and if it might be a big time saver for me.

Here is a pair of photos of what I usually find and how much black sand I have to wade through.

The first is a pan of material run through the drywasher and classified down to <30 I tthink it is.

The second is what I get when I pan it If I could remove the black sand first It might be a bit easier to get closer to clean.

third photo is typical amount from the panning I've done during a 2 week period. But I've never panned out all my concentrates, and have milk jugs of fine concentrates still to pan out.




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I remove the blacksands when panning, the way I do it is with one of the "Blacksands Magnets" with the button that you push down to get the magnet to pickup and then drop the blacksands by releasing the button, make sure you have a fair amount (1/2" or so) of water and let the blacksands "jump" through the water up to the magnet to help keep the blacksands from pinching any fine gold pieces, and then I drop the blacksands in another pan of water and pick them up again to make sure no gold was pick up and then drop the blacksands in a bucket until I have a fair amount in the bucket and I check them again later when have nothing better to do, this only works with Magnetite and will not work with Hematite.


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