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Boy, I'll tell you, I'm sure getting tired of this rain, started here this morning early and has not let up. and there saying more tomarrow before noon. It just not raining a little bit, it been pouring, all day. I weedeat, you think its the last time and here comes the rain again. In places up here the grass is 3 ft tall. I'll bet fire season will be real bad again this year. Grubstake

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Hey Gary,

We've been getting your seconds. The cheat grass is on its 3rd growth spurt. Rain, corn snow and hail must have come down for about 16 hours off and on. At least this means a chance at a great Chucker/Quail hatch. You would not believe how green it looks up here now.

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Yeh, Chris. I can beleave it. I'm getting tired of weedeating my yard every three days. The poison oak is shoulder hight here in places. This may be a very bad fire season here when it all dries out. Rattle snkes are out in bunches here too. pretty big one's I saw two three footers yesterday, that my nieghbor killed. One had 6 rattles and the other eight. Just accross the street from my house. Grubstake

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