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I just got my new Carbon Fiber upper shaft from Herb Browning. I have been waiting for something like this to come along. It is 4" longer than the original Minelab shaft. Very good if you are tall, but also good for me. I have two metal knees and this means I can now have my coil further from me. On most medium and smaller coils it does not matter but on large coils it is going to be great not to hear my knees. Even being longer than stock the weight must be 30% less. The fit and finish are way beyond expectations, it is just beautiful (not that it really matters). I should be getting my beeper back from Minelab this week and cannot wait to try it out.......

Thanks Herb for making such a high quality product!

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Hello Eldorado,

Yes, Herb sent me one about a month ago and I still haven't mounted it. However, it looks great and I'm sure it will work well. Please feel free to post this on the main forum so Herb can get more exposure for his new Carbon Fiber Upper shafts.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Word will get out and these shafts will sell themselves. I received mine a few weeks ago and sprayed it with clear lacquer to make it a little more uv resistant (now it has that ooh….. shiny factor to it!). No metal hardware in my body, but I know the carbon fiber will give a large coil that extra edge. These shafts are definitely a superior product at a very fair price.

The story behind these shafts is that Herb is so guilt ridden about the family business (Browning Firearms) being responsible for half the lead spread around the countryside that he wanted to provide us with a product that would aid in the recovery effort. Job well done, Herb. You can sleep better now! And don’t be so hard on yourself....those guns saved a lot of American lives.


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Hi All

Steve, Rob And Joe

I want to thank you guys for taking your time

to support a new product. "Your the best".

Best Regards


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