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Hello Audacity,

Most of the major drainages in the Bradshaw range are starting to dry up. I haven't personally been up to Lynx Creek this year, but my guess is there should be at least puddles of water if the water is not running or trickling. There are many gold bearing side drainages of Lynx, some worked pretty extensive by the old-timers and some not worked real hard. Since Lynx was very productive in the early days, you will experience a lot of iron rubbish from the early miners, depression era and modern day.

Some good sized nuggets have been found there.

Hope this helps a bit,

Rob Allison

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If you're saying that Lynx is drying up, then I'm heading up!

I had a, probably, .5dwt nugget in my hands earlier this year in a tricking tributary North of the lake. I went to transfer hands to get my poke out and dropped it in a deep puddle. I didn't have my GMT with me, and spent 2 hours in FREEZING water (head first, up to my ankles) looking for that little guy. Never saw it again.

This time, it's all about redemption!

I'll yhead to the othe free panning area to the South of the lake this time.

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