Help identifying a rock.

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Hello everyone.

I do not know much about gold prospecting, or much about gold in general. That's why I'm here. I'm trying to find out if a rock I have has any gold in it, but from my online searches I haven't found any reliable methods since I believe the rock I have is only part gold (if gold at all). I've taken some pictures as well (they are quite large pictures, and for some reason they didn't turn out very clear):

[image links expired]

There is a direct spotlight above the rock, which I think may have made the pictures a little too bright. In certain photos I also rotated the rocks. The large piece is 150 grams and the smaller piece is about 10 grams. In picture P3.JPG, you can see the shiny portion of it. It's kind of a silverish flat plated area and it didn't turn out very well in my photo.

If there's anything I can personally do to test it, I'm all ears.

Regardless of what it is, I'd really like to know any information on this rock because I've been holding onto it for a long time and I still don't know what it is.

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Ya , the pictures are kinda bad.

You can attempt to scratch the golden colored stuff with a sharp knife or screwdriver. If it appears brittle,hackly,or flakes off then it is not the "maleable" gold. From the pics I would guess Galena and chalcopyrite together, and it should feel heavy for its size.

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Steve the other member posts are good preliminary tests. most pawn shops are one of the best tests, most have a good idea of what natural gold looks like and have simple chemical tests to verify gold content for free. Like I said the color is good but based on the fuzzy pictures here's my best analogy. It could be pyrite (also called fools gold) because it resembles gold but usualy contains little or no gold. or the silver part could be galena crystals (lead silver) with gold attached. the red stain is also a good indicator, it is the correct shade of red and could be cinnabar (mercury) commonly associated with gold. AzNuggetBob

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