This is gold country

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I thought you folks might enyoy these pics of beautiful B.C. gold country.

We woke up in the morning and about 30 feet from our camper was this moose in the water eating along with a smaller cow.

On the other side of the camper is a little lake. The night before on the bank was the largest grizzly bear I have ever seen standing with 2 one year old cubs. She was chasing a cow moose and her little calf. The moose swam across the lake fleeing from the grizzlies.

The big grizzly stood up and thrashed her front legs in the air and roared when the moose swam to the other shore. They made their way around the lake after the moose. We weren't feeling very comfortable about camping there that night.

A few days ago I found out that the grizzs killed a big black bear in the same area and ate it... it is very unusal behavior for them to eat their own kind.

This area is near Barkerville in the Cariboo countrypost-29338-128241737257_thumb.jpgpost-29338-128241739308_thumb.jpgpost-29338-128241743869_thumb.jpgpost-29338-128241745294_thumb.jpgpost-29338-128241746382_thumb.jpgpost-29338-128241747841_thumb.jpg It is famous for both nuggets and fine gold.


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Simply beautiful!!!

don't think i'll tent camp there tho!!!


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