Tucson AZ Over Labor Day Weekend

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Hey Tx,

Felix Paydirt? :o

Nope, ebay seller, 21 lbs total dirt ordered. Plus a "gift" from one of our locals. ;)

I've tried Felix and wasn't that impressed. Course, he does a freebie for new folks/first time buyers which is not too bad and he has his annual Christmas bonus bags, which I've never tried. There's threads on other forums about who sells the best paydirt. Seems like there's a few sellers that have rave reviews. Also, on Goldbay there's a seller who guarantees the amount of gold in the dirt based on spot or a guaranteed amount like 1 gram plus whatever's in the cons for about 4-5% over spot.

Anywho, gonna hopefully relax this long weekend, do some beeping in schoolyards (found $12.80 a couple of weekends ago plus a wheatie.....LOVE my ML XT 705!! Thanks for a great deal, Rob.) and run the dirt thru my little finishing sluice (gonna beep it first to see if there's maybe a tiny nugget or 2), then pan, then classify -30/+50, -50/+100 and -100 and play with blue bowl. Oh, I just remembered I still have a bucket of dirt from one of the GPAA claims in SE AZ! Didn't get even a speck in first 2 buckets from around the area, but this one is from a clay layer/root ball under a tree on the bank of a dry creek.

Monday a little bbq, more r&r. Looking forward to a nice, quiet local weekend now.


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