Backyard Mill

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I'd like to get that much gold for every 6 lbs of rock i have dug in the last 6

Really pretty stuff!

I was making a mill out of a mortar mixer, but I got hijacked in to other methods..

I really don't have an in yet on a good supply of ore either.

I am learning tho....keep the pics coming, very ingenious!


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Great stuff Kid..tell us about that mill.What size rock it takes,motor, long did it take to make?

Hi Dave ,

I have a small jaw crusher I run the rock through prior to putting it in the mill. Most rock is 1 inch to 1/4 inch. It took about a week to put it togather. The drum is a piece of 12 inch inside diameter pipe with a 3/8 inch wall. The rest of the moving parts are an old reel power lawn mower. The motor is an old 1/4 horse I had laying around.

Take care Dave, luck on your next hunt. Chuck

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Chuck, very pretty!


PS- a pic of rocks going in would be nice!

Hi Shep ,

The rock I run through the mill would not make a good picture,can't see mutch gold in any of it until it goes through the jaw crusher.

Take Care, Luck on your next hunt. Chuck


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Share on other sites from a fellow on the Australian Finders forum..don't know how he knows me.

Just be careful breathing the rock dust, silicosis can kick in fast with high exposure (one year with high exposure). I've even heard of guys getting what is similar to silicosis from knapping arrowheads out of obsidian, you wouldn't think it would create a lot of dust, but one guy was all messed up from one year of steady obisdian knapping without wearing a mask and sitting inside his garage without ventilation.

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