Rich Hill/Stanton, AZ Footprints DVD

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Hello All,

Many have been waiting for this Footprints DVD to be released. Now you can purchase the Rich Hill, Stanton DVD from Rob's Detector Sales.

This Footprint lets you explore the famous Rich Hill goldfields before you ever leave home. Covering over 50 square miles of the Weaver Mining District, this Footprint is the most comprehensive map of Rich Hill ever made available to prospectors.

Home to the historic town of Stanton and the Octave Gold Mine, the area is known for its large nuggets and beautiful high gold content.

The Rich Hill Footprint Layers include the following:

Aerial Imagery, Shaded Elevations, Transparent and Base Topo Maps

Hydrology Includes:

Water Flow Visualization

Drainage Basins

Soil Wetness

Ortho Rectified Streams

Land Ownership Includes:

Placer Claims, Lode Claims, Mineral Patents, Homesteads, Historic Mines, Geology, Ortho Rectified Roads, BLM current claims display, GPS capable

With this footprint you can display and print your GPS and track waypoints on any map.

System Requirements:

Windows 2000 or newer

including XP, Vista or Windows 7

32 or 64 bit operating systems

125 MB of memory

2.5 GB of Disk Space

DVD Drive

Admin Privileges

*Internet Explorer Browswer (required for GPS download fuction only)

Retail Price - $90.00

Your Price - $69.95 + Shipping/Handling

Give us a call to order by phone at -

Rob Allison

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Hey Rob,

i called a million times, but you vanished on me.... :spank:


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Hey Paul,

Sorry I missed your calls. I was leaving out of town that night and had to get tons of stuff ready. I was gone by the time you called. Were you able to get a hold of one? I have plenty of them in stock, or Bunk has them at Rich Hill.

Get back with me,

Rob Allison

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Hey Rob,

i got i am learning how to do all this stuff and getting ready to finish my tour here in Phoenix.

Taking a little vacation to see all my family and friends before I go on up to AK on the 23rd. I am really excited to go see Lucky and his gang in CA!!! I will get to try my first ML GP Extreme out.

I hear it is worlds of difference apart from my GB2....i will have fun learning, because I have fun at everything i do now. Thanks for all your help on the forum and for the words of wisdom along the way.

I'll be checking in from Alaska soon....c ya


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