Updated Time Schedule for Talks at Minelab Tech Center

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Hello All,

Just wanted to update you all about the time schedule of the talks at the new Grand Opening of Minelab's Tech Center in Dewey, AZ. Many guys were coming to listen to Bill and I talk earlier in the day, but we have gotten moved back to the last slot of the day since we are doing the Question & Answer part. Bill and I have talked and we both have some great information to share on the Minelab metal detectors over all the years we have used them.

I've personally been using the Minelab metal detectors since the early VLF's, all through the PI's, starting with the SD2000 up to the current GPX5000. I've used them all for many years each and found pounds of gold with each model of the PI's.

Bill and I have a combined 30+ years of experience using metal detectors and prospecting in general. I believe we will be able to answer all your questions on Minelab metal detectors and products, if not, we will find the answers for you.

Hope to see you all there. Here is the new updated schedule -

10am - Grand Opening with Gary S. (Minelab's Vice President)

11am - GPX5000 Timings - Chris Gholson

12:30pm - Understanding Coils - Steve Gholson

2pm - Making Detecting Easier - Doc (Doc's Detecting Supply)

3pm - Q & A session, Prospecting Successfully with a Minelab - Rob Allison (Rob's Detector Sales) & Bill Southern (Nuggetshooter)

Bill and I will be sharing our own personal success stories with a Minelab metal detector and why it's important to own one. I will personally talk about several nugget finds that only a Minelab would have found, the type of finds that pay for many metal detectors.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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