Jim P., did you ever clean this specimen up?

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Hey Jim,

Just happened to be going through my pictures and remembered this find from not too long ago. Just curious if you ever cleaned it up to see if it was showing more gold on the surface?

Great find!

Rob Allison

I remember those days! I learned a lot from all you guys on the "Hill", thanks,and that was a nice find!


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Hi Rob, sure did. Not much showing but gives a good response on the detector. Here's a cleaned up shot.


and one with both halves put back together.


Here's the story for anyone interested: from my article in the ICMJ June 2008. Later...Jim P.

"...A few weeks later on the same push, Tanner and I returned to try to keep our luck going. I was using a larger coil this time to listen for deeper targets. Near the upper edge of the push I got another faint signal. At around a foot down I found a small rusted remnant of an old can or something similar. I rechecked the hole as I always do and heard another signal, and then another. In total, I think I dug out 7 pieces of that can. Trying to impress upon Tanner the importance of persistence in prospecting, I checked the hole again. Sure enough, there was another signal. By this time I was nearly 15 inches below the surface. I proceeded to dig another couple of inches and widen the opening so I could get my 16” coil down to the bottom and recheck the hole. I was rewarded with a nice clear and mellow “wee ooo” through my headphones from the bottom of the hole, right in the center. I had my doubts at this point but I kept digging. Clang! I hit something very hard and solid.

Rich Hill is covered with quartz rubble from the numerous veins running through the granite bedrock. This piece was about 8 inches across and lay nearly flat across the bottom of the hole. I rechecked for a signal again, expecting that I had already pulled the target out of the hole, but it was still there. It took a while to get the big chunk out of the ground because the clay soil around it was damp at this depth. I rolled the rock out and rechecked the hole. The signal was gone. Swinging my coil over the quartz cobble I heard what I had been hoping for. Pinpointing with the edge of the coil, I rubbed the clay off one corner of the rock and exposed a little blob of gold sticking out of the quartz. Our first Rich Hill specimen—Oh yeah! Now Tanner could see first hand where the gold came from. I was amazed at the fact that the gold had been on the bottom side of the specimen, yet I was still able to hear it.

Just to be safe I rounded out the bottom of the hole and dropped the coil in. Another faint but clear signal. Six inches down I uncovered another specimen that fit together with our first—a two-fer! The second piece had more gold exposed on the corner but didn’t give as loud of a signal. The total gold within both specimens probably doesn’t add up to more than a few pennyweight but they are still a very special find for both of us..."

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  • Admin

Hey Jim,

Great find and story to go along with it. The biggest find was having your Son with you, what an experience for you both. Can't wait to share those same experiences with my own Daughter.

Not too far from where you found yours on the Hill, I found this piece many years prior. The total weight was like 2 pounds, with a couple of ounces of gold throughout the specimen. On the side you will see a chunk that is about 4-5 Dwt's showing. This piece blew my ears off at foot away.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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