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Wanted to first say hello to Rob and sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to you at the Minelab expo recently. I wanted to say I have purchased a Footprint (Rich Hill) from Calvin "Bunk" Bunker and find it most exciting. I wanted to give a special thanks to Bunk for #1 teaching me and my partner about dry washing (just moved from the Pacific Northwest, to much rain) in Arizona. I spent my earlier prospecting adventures in the Amazon jungle dredging in the rivers there (did quite well) I didn't have any experience in dry washing and Bunk gave us his time not only explaining the proper way to go about it but even went into the field with us to show us first hand on how to operate the dry washer and we went back to his place and panned the concentrates. THANKS Bunk, you da man................

Bunk is one of those rare individuals who is willing to help out and assist people in their pursuit of this thing called "Gold fever". I got it over 30 years ago and love the fun and adventure of this life. I met some people here who gave me the "sure I can help you" but never heard another word from them. Bunk even aloud us to go on his personnel claim and take whatever gold we found. It is rare to meet real human beings in this world, so many are into the "greed" factor, so many wouldn't help. But I wouldn't expect anyone to take me to their "honey hole". It is really great to meet people who want to help you. I was in Australia earlier this year with a Minelab 4500 and found the going there also tough no one willing to help. But I have the "no give up attitude", and I am bound and determined to make this love of finding gold one of my life's mission.

Very sorry to hear of the passing of Les Bender, saw him that Tuesday before he passed on Thursday, another person willing to help us(he was going to take us places to dry wash,boy do I miss him now). We joined the Weaver Prospectors Assoc. and Mohave as well. Finding places to go and happy I made the move hear. Want to meet you someday Rob and wish you and your company much success in the pursuit of that yellow stuff.

Always wishing you well, on your journey through life..........

John of the Jungle (aka) Hawkman46

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Hey John,

Sorry we were unable to meet at the Minelab deal. On another note, you're right about Calvin "Bunk," he is tops! Calvin is doing everything right to help his customers and allow his business to grow. I'm more than willing to support a friend like this. Working together with Bunk has allowed us to both become more successful.

Hoping I can make the Gold Basin outing.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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