Northern CA Nugget

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I am a newbie to detecting, but have been prospecting for over 35 years in northern California. On a recent trip to an area near our cabin, I was using the SD2200v2 my mother gave me. We had been detecting an all day when I got a real faint signal (more like a break in the threshold). I was standing on a very steep slope and about two feet from another detector hole. After digging about 6-8 inches, I moved a rock and the signal moved. A few shovel fulls later this 7.8 Dwt piece was laying there staring at me. I brushed some dirt away and it had some quartz in it as well. This piece added to the 2.6 Dwt I found on a previous trip is a good start toward paying for a ML5000. Somehow I am not sure I can get myself to sell my finds though so I guess the 2200 will have to do!! At least I can tell my wife I found enough to pay for my first detector though!

Sorry for the out of focus picture but I can't get camera to take close up pictures.


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very nice gold great stuff , ive been seeing alot of 4000s going for cheep lately dont discount them out i hunted with a 2200 for years and did well jumped to a 4000 and a whole new level of detecting keep up the good work Justin

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Yo Deputy....That is a real beauty...Congratulations ... Was that in the motherlode area or further north? ... The sd2200 as well as the sd2100 are great gold producers...I've used a 2100 for 10 years and found pounds of gold with it.... Keep up the good work ... Cheers, Unc

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