New Footprint DVD Released on Greaterville, AZ

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Hello All,

Just wanted to let you know the release of the GREATERVILLE Footprint's DVD is now available and in stock. Any Footprints DVD is $70.00 + Shipping/handling to you. You can order directly from Rob's Detector Sales, or I encourage you to use my dealers.

Here is more information on the new Footprints DVD of Greaterville -

FootPrint Details

The Greaterville FootPrint covers approximately 72 square miles, centered around the historic town of Greaterville in the Santa Rita Mountains, southeast of Tucson, Arizona. The map extent runs East to Hwy 83, south almost to Sonoita, North to Sycamore Canyon and West to the head of Fish Canyon.

The Greaterville area has a long and storied history of placer & hard rock mining. Placer mining has been done largely by small miners at first with rocker boxes and more recently with metal detectors. A large scale placer operation was attempted by the Santa Rita Water & Mining Company in the early 1900's. Their headquarters is now a Forest Service Heritage Site known as Kentucky Camp.

Most of the land in this area is now part of the Coronado National Forest. However, it was not always that way. In the early 1900's most of the land became patented. The Santa Rita Water & Mining company held the patents on about 3,000 acres of the best placer ground in the area. The company failed and the patented land remained in private hands until 1989 when the land was acquired by the US Forest Service through a land swap.

This FootPrint includes all the standard map layers plus several unique layers pertaining to Geology. The geology is mapped at 1:24,000 around the major gold-bearing gulches showing faults and hard rock intrusions. We have created a unique layer mapping the historic placer gulches and their extents, identifying them by name and detailing where the gold was found in each gulch. Several in-depth geologic studies have been done on this area and the full reports are included as pdf documents.

How to Order -

Current Footprint Dealers:

Calvin Bunker - Bunk's Arizona Prospecting - 928-830-5350 phone, website -

Bill Southern - Nuggetshooter Store - 623-910-0345 phone, website -

Rob Allison - Rob's Detector Sales - 623-362-1459 phone, website -

Take care,

Rob Allison

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