Anyone know what rock this is?

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I was at a tailing pile and found this rock. It doesn't go off like a hot rock, it zips just like gold. At first I thought meteorite but I guess those are heavy. This is light and porous. Lava rock? From an intervolcanic channel? Sounds just like gold though...



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hard to say my guess would be high grade one spot we have ironstone so hot where im at it cant be discriminated sometimes and sounds good ive also found gold within ironstone so give it a whack

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Where I grew up in FL, we had coke strewn about that looked kind of like that, in the old days (probably mostly 19th century) it was used to fuel old furnaces they used to put out in the orange grove to heat the trees in the winter. I've detected there and it does set off detectors just like a piece of metal. If it's coke it would be lightweight, lighter than your average stone.

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