Lightweight Goldscreamer Power Packs

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Got my new Goldscreamer power pack the other day from Rob along with my new detector. AS always great service and sold built products. Thanks Rob I will always do business with you. Tell Doc I love that new system the amp is amazing the only thing that sucks is those small nuggets now sound like the elusive Lunkers :ph34r:

Thanks again Robs Detector Sales # 1 in my book


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Hey HotRocks,

Ya, the unit pretty much sells itself like the older Pocket Rocket. Once someone sees one and then gets to hold it and see how it can mount to the side of the metal detector, 99% of the time they are sold. I can't tell you how many times I had to sell my personal unit off my very own detector in the field.

The Pocket Rocket for the SD, GP series and the Goldscreamer Power Pack for the GPX series are a must in my opinion for long term detecting.

Thanks for your comments. Wishing you the best.

Rob Allison

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