2nd trip out

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OK so I was able to squeek out last weekend on a last minute chance to hunt the elusive GOLD nuggets :ph34r: The morning was crisp and I am still learning all the sounds of the detector. But all in all I think the day turned out OK. I got to hunt with some old hunting partners and friends along with one new one. So thanks to all you know who you are.


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Hey Hot Rocks,

Congrats on those finds. Hey, where did you find them? :ph34r: Just kidding, you don't need to tell, I think I know. :P Great to see you and Ed find some nuggets. I have to Thank Ed again, along with yourself for the purchase of two GPX metal detectors. Once I upload my pictures I will post Ed's finds.

Won't be long before you have that GPX paid for at the rate you're going.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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