A little help .

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I'll be quick . I have a SD2200d with 11" Mono coil , 11" DD coil and an 18" Mono coil .12V charger , 120 V charger , 1 small and 2 large Dome batteries and all the cases , belts and such to go with it . Pretty much a "turnkey" package . I am considering trading the whole shebang for an Infinium LS (new) . Any thoughts or suggestions ?

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Hey Tom,

Well in my opinion, if you plan on chasing nuggets, I wouldn't sell the Minelab. If you plan on doing some coin/relic hunting or working on the beaches, you might be making the right decission.

I've used the Infinium, but for nugget hunting you have something already just as good, better in my opinion.

Hope this helps,

Rob Allison

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