Thanksgiving Long Weekend

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We had a great Thanksgiving in Northern California, with plenty of snow, rain and cold temps. Road Dog "Rick" spent a few days at my house for the holidays and to hunt some gold. NuggetSlayer "Jeff" even joined in for a hunt and didn't miss a beat and scored a little dink after a few months of hitting the college books. We hit several patches during Rick's stay and pulled out several nuggets. But today, I thought I'd use my 11" Commander DD and it paid off. I hit the trashy area's of a couple patches to see what was in them...well I found out there was a couple of fat nuggets waiting to be found. Even using a DD Coil, I still had to dig a ton of good sounding targets.

These nuggets are for-sale, I can drop them with El Dorado in time for your Christmas Pendant! Until our next hunt!





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Dakota Slim (Chris),

That's how I start a patch...find a couple nuggets with the DD Coil and then hit it with the Mono's and pull all trash out. It's great excerise and some extra gold in the poke for those willing to dig all that trash! Talk to you soon,


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Nice weekend Lucky!

I'm going to have to hire a dozer up here to make a snow push!

Beautiful gold.....keep it up!

I hope i am paying my dues up here this winter for some real excitement come spring...

Have a good December and, "load the wagon!"


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