QC Gary - How's the new GPX5000?

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post-492-129626130958_thumb.jpgHowdy all! Sorry for the slow response. I did manage to get out today and score these four with the GPX-5000. I spent quite a bit of time playing with settings and was very surprised as to threshold stability compared to my old 3000. I did find these all in the "Fine Gold setting." Rob, thanks for all your help! Gary
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Hey Gary,

Great to see you scored some gold. It's a start and I know some will say that little bit a gold didn't justify a new detector. At today's price of gold, which is around the $1,400 +/- range, a dwt worth of gold is $70.00. It don't take long to start adding up a kiddy pretty quick from small gold finds.

Can't wait to see what else you pick up out there with the new GPX5000. Thanks once again for your business and support over the years.

Rob Allison

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