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I just want to share my good fortune regarding purchase of a dry washer and gold vac combo. After a long search on the internet I found just what I thought was the best deal ever. I promptly called the manufacturer in Arizona and indicated that I would like to buy the dry washer and gold vac combo which I found on their website. I was assured that the equipment in question was as good as anything else at a better price. I had no problem with that as I was looking for a deal. I eagerly gave the gentleman on the phone my name, credit card number and shipping address. I asked when he could ship and was told that he could ship the next day. I replied that that wouldn’t work for me as I would be out of town when it might arrive in two or three days and asked that the shipment be delayed for two to three days to allow me to be home when it arrived. No problem, it will be shipped on the time line that I requested. Needless to say the units didn’t arrive as promised, in fact it took 2-3 weeks before it was shipped. The same day that I tried to cancel the order it arrived, lucky me. Eagerly I unpacked by gold processing units and to my dismay one was bent, the dry washer. Also the extra cloth that goes on the tray (which I was told I would get) was missing along with the small gold pan and crevice tool which is advertised with the gold vac. Right away I called the vendor to clarify the situation at which point I was told that he had packed the cloth with the unit but the other two items weren’t included because I had purchased the units as a combo. At this point I went back to the boxes and sifted through all of the packing material, no cloth! Oh well, I did get a good deal. I proceeded to straighten the bent part and inspecting the awe inspiring units, everything else looked OK. After further research I found that any good bed sheet will suffice for the tray cloth, now I am a happy, wiser and potential prospector. Lesson learned, check your holes.

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2-3 weeks to ship is lousy service ...Im sorry but I would have been pissed off if it had not shipped within a week. There are other dealers of drywashers that would have treated you better, and the equipment would not have been bent up. Sometimes you DO get what you pay for...

Anyway , best of luck in the gold fields...A drywasher cant be beat in the desert...

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On the other hand if you dont name names, me or someone else reading this could get shafted as well. Bad customer service is likely to get better if they know the consequences.

As I stated, I did get what seems to be a good deal. Getting a dry washer and gold vac for one reasonable price. It was the follow up that I have a problem with. Also asked for an itemized invoice and was denied. I wanted the breakdown of costs for my own benefit as the company had my card number and as it turned out an open (check)?

Anyway I have attached a link if you would like to view the product in question. Thanks for the reply.


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There should have been an itemized invoice included with your purchase, AND there should be a return policy right on the website, in order that everyone is on the same page, so to speak. That is a given.

An invoice benefits the dealer as well as the purchaser. The items ordered should be checked off as they are packed, you get your copy, they have theirs, and unless the package is compromised (opened) in transit, everything you ordered should be right there, when you open the package, along with your itemized packing list.

As it is at this point, without a receipt, it is your word against his, as far as the cloth goes. If you are happy with your purchase, then there is no beef at this point. Use the product and enjoy it.

Buying off the internet is chancy, and unless you absolutely have a personal knowledge of the seller and his business dealings, well then, you know the old addage: let the buyer beware, as you are at a distinct disadvantage, and the dealer knows you are.

I know several dealers that throw in extra "stuff", with purchases they send out. Everything from a nice hat, to flag pins, to trendy wrist bands, to booklets on gold hunting, and on and on. This shows you that they want you as a repeat customer, and keep you a happy camper.

Personally, if it were me, I would have sent the stuff back, even if I had to pay the return postage, if the dealer in fact had such an attitude about something as simple as an invoice.

Just my dos centavos...


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