Minelab GPX5000 find 1.6 ouncer!!

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Hey Guys,

Not sure why the nugget is not showing. I can see it on my end on the original post. Here is another shot of the 1.6 ouncer dirty. I have a clean picture now that I will upload soon.

Found with the Minelab GPX5000 and Coiltek Goldstalker 14-inch Mono Searchcoil.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Now I can see it Rob...Awesome, I think, but would be able to say more if the mudball got cleaned off...:spank: ... It is obviously going to be one of those that show spectacular character and value, .... (once it gets cleaned ...:blush::glare::wub::lol: ... Did your GemOro die or what?) ... A real beauty and congrats on a great find ... Cheers, Yer Unc n the Dubyah

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Sweet chunk Rob, thanks for sharing. I couldn't see the first pic's either. Post up another shot with it cleaned up. How far did you have to dig for that one??


Yes, I'd like to know how deep it was also. Nice nugget.

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