Always wanted a pennyweight !!

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Last weekend we spent saturday metal detecting and gold panning looking for some color. Sunday morning we decided to change tactics so we threw on our wet suits and masks, grabbed some screwdrivers, and jumped in the river. After about 3 hours I had a half dozen small flakes and by then my stepdad was a popsicle. He needed to get out and warm himself with an ice cold beer. Knowing that this river was slowly providing me with gold I kept at it. I continued to work the tight cracks and opening up the chunks of bedrock. After removing a nice, big slab and waiting for the dust to settle I found myself staring at the biggest chunk of gold I've ever found. I snatched up the nugget and jogged back to camp to show my find to my stepdad. At the beginning of the year I made a goal for myself: to find a pennyweight gold nugget. My next goal will be a 5 pennyweight nugget. Who knows when that day will come, it's kind of like a lightning strike.

Good Luck in your hunting.



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Good chunk!!!

Now you are right, up the ante!!!!


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