Made In The Shade

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Robin & I, hit the high country Summer diggings for a few hours today. She went one way and I another in hopes of finding a new patch or two of dinks with our GB2's. It seemed a longtime before I dug my first nugget and it was a nice 1 grammer. I called Robin, on the radio and she told me that she found a little patch. I continued my search and dug a few more here and there. The morning Sierra cool temps gave way to the typical heat of the early afternoon. I radio'd Robin, for her location and in a few minutes, I found her in the shade of a big Doug Fir and swipping her scoop over her coil. I watched her recover her little nugget with her not knowing, she put her fresh nugget into her poke bottle and gave it a shake. Geez, it sounded good!!! I said, I've been out there fighting the sun, heat and your digging gold in the shade! With a big smile, Robin say's yep and with hardly a bead of sweat. We enjoyed lunch under her big shade tree and departed for the day knowing there's more dinks for the next trip out. Robin's, day poke ended up at 3.2 dwt's and mine hit the scales at 1.2 dwt's. Until our next hunt!



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