camp out last weekend

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Pops and I got out to the Quartzsite outing on Fri and Sat.

We had a lot of fun and got to meet new people and some others we met before.

Its fun to get together with like minded people even if you dont find any gold. (I didnt)

Couple of the guys and a lady found some nice little nuggets.

Bunk cooked some awsome beans and bacon. Man that stuff was good!

Great times out in the hills.

Tom H.

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Twas a good time ( and I am wore out)

Here's some photos:


Thanks to Bunk for putting it together, and Mel for excellent instruction, and everyone who contributed to the outing! :)

Which Mel is that??? Is that my Mel from Congress? I can't tell with the beard....

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What the heck kinda report is that? :rolleyes: No pictures? Thats about as exciting as an easter egg hunt :D

Yah...I guess pics would be nice. Heres a few.

Some odd camp we found back in the hills. Guess they just leave it and camp out there whenever.

An old truck we found from the 40s.

Me detecting.

Some of the guys by the camp.

AZO posted some pics also.

The one shows the tent, pops and the 4runner.



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He is the one who I can blame for getting me"hooked".....lolol,

If you see him tell him I said hey...

Working on a worm virus today.Privacy Protector worm,32...... Oh what fun....

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Tom , I saw your Toyota over on AZO, Who needs a quad when you got that.... nice truck .. Solid front axle?


Its a good little truck thats for sure. Its an independent front end. Has about 13 inches of clearance. The pumpkin doesnt hang down in the front at all.

Heres a couple more pics of Quartzsite.

Man, I just got back from the camp out and feeling the need to get out again! Got to stay home this weekend and get some plating done.

Saw your pics on Rods forum......holy moved some dirt! You aught to think about swinging by Home Depot on the way out and hiring some of that help out front to do the grunt work :) gonna have to try using my drywasher like you have yours set up...on the side. You seem to get a lot of gold like that :P


Tom H.

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