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Hello All,

Thanks for all the emails, PM's and phone calls about the forums being down. I actually messed it up this time. I tried to send a mass emailing out to all the forum members, which worked. However, I even screwed up there, got in too much of a hurry and wrote the wrong URL in the email ... :(

I guess through my server you're not allowed to mass email that many people, only 500 or less. I sent out a mass emailing that sent over 11,000 emails within a few minutes, which bogged down the server and caused issued. They wanted to suspend my account, but was able to convince them Christmas was right around the corner and I have been a very good boy.

Long story short, lesson learned and the forum is back online and working. The new online store at - has been a big hit so far.

Thanks for all the recent online orders. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Rob Allison

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