A year remembered

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2011 was my first year of metal detecting and prospecting. This time last year the fever was just setting in and what a great year it has been. I would like to say thanks to all the guys in the forum and an extra shout out the the fellas I had the pleasure of hunting with in the field.

Border Boy



Notorious Kelly


Rob and his crew on training day

I've enjoyed meeting each of these guys and hope to again some day but there one friendship that was forged on the goldfield I will never forget and will always be thankful for. The day we found our first nugget my son and I had been out hunting again all morning with not to show for it but lead and bullet casings again. On the way back to the highway a friend from work, Harry B. rounded the hill in his pickup with his brother from New York. Reluctantly my son and I agreed to turn back and spend a few more hours out. I remember the sound from the speaker as I waved over a solid looking black bedrock outcropping. In no time Harry and I were chipping away at the rock with my pick and his Rock hammer. It was a hard and pretty deep dig, my son and Harry's brother soon joined us and there were three grown men and a boy playing in the dirt like we were all kids! When that first gleem of yellow was exposed in the crack of the bedrock we all celebrated. We shared a discovery that most people in the modern world never will. We would talk about it often and never gave up the idea of the next hunt. Harry had down alot of cool stuff in his day and to find a gold nugget was one he was just as happy to check off as I was. We were gold buddies, we had both found our first gold nugget together. That was the first and last time I got to hunt with Harry, not because Harry didn't love it but because Harry was fighting cancer. My friend Harry carried his light into another room today.

Harry was a 30 plus year retired federal agent with Border Patrol and US Customs. He had stories I would some times question about taking down drug runners on dirt bikes or meeting with governors or a host of other exploits and whenever I did Harry would produce some evidence to remove any doubt. I respected this man very much, he never lied and he never complained about his own hardship. It was so far the highlight of any of my outdoor adventures to be present in that discovery and to have made a friend like Harry.

Don't stop looking, you don't know what you'll find.

God Bless and Happy New Year

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Thank you for sharing Harry with us.

He sounds like quite a guy.

I was especially moved by your phrasing when you said he carried his light into another room.

I am sure there were many like him, waiting to welcome him home.

Best wishes to you and your family, especially your son.

I have a feeling the year ahead will be special for both of you.

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Great Story, I still remember the first nugget I found those many years ago. No detector, just a pan, a GI shovel and a lot of determination, It was a nice solid football shaped piece about 6 grams. I had found a nice exposed chunk of bedrock and was just shoveling stuff into my pan on one of the slices in the material over the bedrock the nugget fell out of the exposed layer and plopped down, my eyes bugged out of my head probably, this was 1973 I guess...Made a nice pendant for my Lady, I have it still, She is gone..........Yikes....Geo

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My condolences on losing a fine friend.

Harry was a salt of the earth guy and, the way you're living, I fully expect your fine young son to turn out the same.

I guess we're all just TDY to this planet.

Here's to honoring the Harrys of the world while they are amongst us. :)

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Hey bud, sorry to hear about youre friend. At least he got to see a nice chunk of yellow, most never get to experience the golden rush. Sorry :(

we definetly need to do a hunt soon, or even a dig n wash day. No matter how many nuggets i find i still get a kick out of washin some materal. Ill be out this week if you need to get out for something different :)

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