New settings and a couple of pickers for my efforts.

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Well I switched to SPECIAL so I could take advantage of the FINE Gold timings. I'm learning! :blush:

I played around a bit with some of Pete's suggestions and checked a test nugget until I felt I was in pretty good shape. Took 10 steps and got a faint sounding hi-low and about 3 inches down out pops a 7.1 grain picker. A few hours later and several bullets later, I get a similar hit and out pops a 4.2 grain nugget.

The 5000 is pretty sensitive to small gold with the 11" mono. I was pretty impressed! Everyone has told me that the place I am hunting is POUNDED so I am happy as I have pulled 6 pieces out of there so far.

20 grain nugget from last week.

Thanks for the info guys!




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Hi Ron

Nice Gold there mate, well done on them Ron.

Glad to be of some help mate, when you get game try these more extreme settings, the gold will jump out at ya :D

Front panel


Special - Fine



Rear screen - all FP except

Gain - 19 out of 20

Signal - flat out

Motion - slow

Stab - 12

Audio - boost

Its a tad noisey but the gold will be very loud and distinct you wont miss much, just do a 4 second swing speed.

Pete in WA B)

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