Getting Used to Our New Detectors

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We're having a ball with our new detectors. We're doing our part to rid the desert of junk. Now we need to figure out how to get the coils over the good stuff. :D

Steve and Sue


That looks exactly like what ive been bringing home lately. :)

I always try to dig a target up from under it. Case in dont want to wack a 22 shell!

Keep at will hit yellow eventually. Its a nice sweet sound.

Except for the big ones...they sound like trash too.

Tom H.

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Irish; you are doing well by picking up the trash...those targets were likely very loud blasts...after you clean an area of trash be sure to recheck the area for more subtle signals, often just a whisper of sound...those will sometimes be a nugget...but, always dig the big signals just to be sure...and very occasionally, very surprised.


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